2022 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

bluesea.com POWER CONVERSION 22 • 'esiJned Ior ePerJenc\ Yehicle use • 'rop in replacePent Ior traditional rectanJular displa\s • $utoPaticall\ detects batter\ banNs • $& charJe indication Yerifies that power is connected and the battery charger is charging • 3lain lanJuaJe Iault indication rela\s iI there is a Iault with the battery charger • 'ip switch selectable screen confiJuration allows the displa\ to show YoltaJe bar Jraphs or the 3 %atter\ &harJer suPPar\ screen • 'ispla\s YoltaJe bar Jraphs eYen when $& power is not present • 2ptional standb\ Pode shuts o΍ screen aIter hours oI inactiYit\ • $utoPatic 21 based on Potion with inteJrated NnocN sensor • %riJht da\liJht readable 2/(' displa\ Part # Description Width in (mm) Height in (mm) Depth in (mm) 7517 (9 %atter\ &harJer 'ispla\ 3 %atter\ &harJer page 20 5 YEAR WARRANTY EV Battery Charger Display Intuitive battery monitoring for emergency vehicle use Part # Description 9oOts Width in (mm) Height in (mm) Depth in (mm) 7520 /(' 5ePote 9 '& 1521 360 Panel 9 '& P12 Battery Charger LED Remote Indicates battery charger stage and alerts as well as controlling basic battery charger functions 7520 1521 LED Indicators • 4uicN checN Ior Jreen liJht confirPs charJinJ • 'ispla\s charJinJ staJe includinJ 3re)loat Ior each batter\ • Indicates when the charJer is in eTuali]ation Pode • Indicates charJerȇs internal Ian Pode • 'ispla\s the percentaJe oI output current Ior each batter\ :ill also indicate Pa[iPuP output settinJ when Pa[iPuP output is adMusted to accoPPodate Ior $& source liPitations • 3roYides warninJ and alert status Ior TuicN diaJnostics Four Control Buttons • Fan: 8ser adMustable settinJs 2)) /2: or +I*+ • Dim/ Alarm: 3roYides adMustPent to briJhtness oI /('s on displa\ as well as 6ilence Iunction Ior alarPs • Output: 8ser adMustable charJer output when $& source liPitations e[ist that reTuire lowerinJ the $& current draw • Standby: 3laces 3 %atter\ &harJer into standb\ Pode 3 &harJer 6uPPar\ 6creen 'ispla\ 6i]e PP [ PP 'ispla\ 7\pe <ellow 2/(' Input 9oltaJe 9Ȃ 9 '& reYerse polarit\ protected Amperage Draw P$ 0a[iPuP P$ in 6tandb\ 0ode 0iniPuP 6tandb\ 0ode 6huts o΍ screen aIter hours oI inactiYit\ :ill resuPe norPal Iunction upon PoYePent oI the Yehicle or b\ tappinJ the unit seYeral tiPes in succession $ccurac\ s at 9 '& 1uPber oI Inputs batter\ inputs with coPPon reIerence Regulatory 0onitor Iace is I3 Ȃ protected aJainst powerIul water Mets when installed accordinJ to instructions Related Product