BlueSea Systems 2023 Catalog POWER CONVERSION 23 THIS VIEW SHOWN WITH COVER REMOVED THIS VIEW SHOWN WITH COVER REMOVED FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE, MOUNT VERTICALLY AS SHOWN, IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA. .90" 22.90mm STUD HEIGHT TYP. 2X .44" 11.1mm STUD HEIGHT 1.09" 27.6mm TERMINAL HEIGHT TYP. 3X .42" 10.7mm STUD HEIGHT 8.63" 219.1mm .23" 5.9mm TERMINAL HEIGHT 2.60" 66.0mm 4.29" 108.9mm 7.67" 194.8mm TYP. 2X 0" 0.0mm 0" 0.0mm TYP. 2X 5.65" 143.5mm 4.70" 119.5mm .09" 2.4mm 20A Battery Charger - 170A ACR 7606 International: Bare wire 7607 European: CEE 7/7 7608 North American: NEMA 5-15P 7609 Australia/New Zealand: AS/NZS 3112 THIS VIEW SHOWN WITH COVER REMOVED 4.36" 110.8mm 0" 0.0mm 0" 0.0mm 5.62" 142.8mm 3.34" 84.7mm .42" 10.6mm 5.66" 143.7mm .44" 11.1mm STUD HEIGHT TYP. 2X THIS VIEW SHOWN WITH COVER REMOVED FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE, MOUNT VERTICALLY AS SHOWN, IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA. SERRATED FLANGE NUTS 1.04" 26.5mm TERMINAL HEIGHT TYP. 2X 2.13" 54.0mm 6.66" 169.1mm Low voltage. Avoid injury from electrical burn or sparks. Disconnect battery power before opening cover. AC POWER GREEN AMBER RED FLASH RED SOLID Full Charge Charging Battery Temp. Rev. Polarity BATTERY SOLID FLASH Combined Start Isolation ACR STATUS 7608 WARNING 20A CHARGER 12V DC 170A ACR WATERPROOF IP67 MULTISTAGE CHARGER INTEGRATED ACR AC Input Engine Accessories Battery Battery Legend Alternator Charge away from the dock AC Charge At the dock OFF -(ON) ( ) = Momentary 7930, 8231, 8292 12V DC 12V DC Remote Combine Batteries Switch AC & DC Battery Charging Explained DC Charging (Away from the Dock or Garage) The BatteryLink Charger incorporates DC charging through an integrated Automatic Charging Relay (ACR). An ACR uses a relay combined with a voltage sensing circuit. When a DC charge is applied to the start battery, and causes the voltage to rise above 13.0V, the relay closes and combines the two batteries to share the charge. When the charge is taken away or a load on the battery causes the voltage to drop below 12.75V, the relay will open, isolating the two batteries. This means that even when the BatteryLink Charger is disconnected from AC power you can charge both your battery banks with a DC charging source, like an engine alternator. AC Charging (At the Dock or Garage) The BatteryLink Charger is powered by AC when the cord is plugged in, and will source current to charge your batteries. However, unlike a typical two bank charger, the BatteryLink Charger will charge both batteries simultaneously using the integrated ACR. This works in the same way as when an external DC charging source is used. When AC power is applied, and the voltage of the start battery rises above 13.0V, the ACR will close. This combines the batteries, allowing charge current to flow to the auxiliary battery as well as the start battery. For this reason, the BatteryLink Charger can only be used in 12V applications. TECH TIP 10A BatteryLink Chargers 20A BatteryLink Chargers