BlueSea Systems 2023 Catalog POWER CONVERSION 21 Sure Eject™ Automatic AC disconnect ejects power cord upon ignition to prevent damage • Designed for emergency vehicle use • Motor driven design ensures years of reliable operation • The ejection piston is self-recessing, with no cocking required • Keyed plug design allows for easy one-handed insertion of connector • Anti-arcing design on insertion and ejection • Built-in status LED indicates the presence of AC power and ejection alerts • Automatically attempts additional ejections if needed • Compatible with existing 15A and 20A connectors already in the station • Standard mounting holes for easy retrofit • Includes connector, yellow cover, and 5 label kit • 6 color covers available • Pigtails offer a secondary method of disconnecting from shore power for added reliability (sold separately) EV Battery Charger Display page 20 P12 Battery Charger page 19 5YEAR WARRANTY 7840 / 7841 7850 / 7851 Part # Description 7850 15A Sure Eject 7850001 15A Sure Eject - No Cover 7851 20A Sure Eject 7851001 20A Sure Eject - No Cover 7840 15A Connector 7841 20A Connector 7820 Yellow Cover 7821 Red Cover 7822 Black Cover 7823 White Cover 7824 Blue Cover 7825 Grey Cover 7830 15A Sure Eject Yellow Pigtail 7831 20A Sure Eject Yellow Pigtail 7832 15A Standard Black Pigtail 7833 20A Standard Black Pigtail 7834 15A to 20A Adapter Pigtail 7830 / 7831 7832 / 7833 7834 Part # Description 7860 Sure Eject Mounting Adapter Sure Eject Mounting Adapter Easily install Sure Eject units from the outside of a vehicle • Allows one person installation of Sure Eject • No special shaped cutouts required • Threaded backing plate secures Sure Eject to vehicle without added hardware • Compatible with all 15A and 20A Sure Eject ejection units and covers Operating Voltage Range 8V –16V DC Nominal Voltage 120V AC Continuous Rating 7850: 15A, 7851: 20A Related Products 7851001 7850001