2020 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

bluesea.com 147 METERS Temperature Sensors Use with the P12 Battery Charger, M2 OLED Meters, M2 VSM, VSM 422, and Mini OLED Meters • Installs with double-sided tape Wire Size 16 AWG Wire Length 1820 12" (31 cm) Wire Length 1821 18" (46 cm) DC Shunts Use with DC Ammeters PN For Use With: Ratio 9228 Analog Ammeter 50A DC/50mV DC 9230 Analog Ammeter 100A DC/50mV DC 9231 Analog Ammeter 150A DC/50mV DC 9233 Analog Ammeter 200A DC/50mV DC 8255 Digital Ammeter 500A DC/50mV DC 9228 9233 1820 AC Current Transformers Use with AC Ammeters 8073 PN For Use With: Ratio 8073 Analog Ammeter 50A AC/50mA AC 8257 Analog Ammeter 100A AC/50mA AC 8256 Digital and M2 Ammeter 150A AC/50mA AC 1829 M2 Ammeter 300A AC/50mA AC • For continuous operation, it is recommended that shunts not be run at more than two-thirds (66%) the rated current under normal conditions Shunt Type Resistive Full Scale 50 mV Amperage Max. Operating 66% of Rated Current Amperage Int. (5 min.) 100% - Full scale rating Amperage Int. (3 sec.) 300% - Full scale rating Related Products Mini Analog Meters p. 136 2719 Enclosure p. 98 DIN Meters p. 136 Digital Meters p. 142 VSM 422 p. 141 1829 M2 OLED Digital Meters p. 138 Mini OLED Digital Meters p. 144 Part# IP Rating Temperature Range 1820 IP68 Submersible -40°F to 175°F (-40°C to 80°C) 1821 IP65 Non-submersible -40°F to 300°F (-40°C to 150°C) 1821 8255 Standard Analog Meters p. 136