2020 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

bluesea.com 146 METERS 1023B 1028B Round Gauges Provides monitoring of key functions Gauges are offered for use in 360 Panels and are not available for retail purchase. • Watertight, fog resistant, and anti-scratch glass face • Edge-lit • Will fit panels up to 0.8" thickness Temperature Max. Operating 158°F (70°C) Temperature Min. Operating -4°F (-20°C) Operating Current (with edge-light) 180mA Operating Current (no edge-light) <100mA Gauge diameter 2.00" (50.80 mm) Mounting hole diameter 2.06" (52.40 mm) Back clamp nuts torque 5–7 in-lb Regulatory CE marked 1030B 1027B 1026B gauge is not edge-lit 1024B 1022B 1029B Gauge Panel For Round Gauges (Gauge not included) PN Width in (mm) Height in (mm) Depth in (mm) 1510 4.88 (123.83) 4.75 (120.65) 0.50 (12.70) PN Function Voltage Max. Operating Depth in (mm) 1020B Fuel Level E–1/2–F 16V DC 1.75 (44.45) 1021B Potable Water Level E–1/2–F 16V DC 1.75 (44.45) 1022B Engine Temp 100–250°F 16V DC 1.75 (44.45) 1023B Oil Pressure 0–80 PSI/Bar 16V DC 1.75 (44.45) 1024B Water Pressure 0–30 PSI/kPa 16V DC 2.10 (53.54) 1025B Voltmeter 10–16 Volts 16V DC 1.75 (44.45) 1026B Hour Meter—10,000 hrs 32V DC 2.40 (60.96) 1027B Battery Condition Indicator 16V DC 3.00 (76.20) 1028B DC Ammeter 60–0–60 Amps 16V DC 1.75 (44.45) 1029B Clock—Quartz Analog 16V DC 2.70 (68.58) 1030B Tank Level—North American 240Ω–33Ω 16V DC 1.75 (44.45)