2022 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

bluesea.com BATTERY MANAGEMENT 43 Automatic Timer Disconnect (ATD) Select from 4 methods to manage your batteries: Timer Disconnect, Low Voltage Disconnect, Automatic Charging Relay, or Solenoid Timer Disconnect • 9 siJnal triJJers rela\ to connect batter\ power to deYices • When signal is removed the timer is activated and will disconnect devices after a preset time • Timer ranges from 15 minutes to 4 hours • 2ptional charJe sense can be used instead oI 9 siJnal to reduce wirinJ • 7est Pode disconnects deYices aIter seconds to confirP rela\ and tiPer are operational Low Voltage Disconnect • Senses low battery voltage and automatically disconnects devices to save power • $dMustable YoltaJe settinJ at 9 9 or 9 • /ow YoltaJe settinJ can be used in conMunction with tiPer disconnect • /ow YoltaJe will disconnect deYices prior to preset tiPe to preserYe batter\ power Automatic Charging Relay • $utoPaticall\ coPbines two batter\ banNs Ior charJinJ o΍ a sinJle charJinJ source i e alternator • Isolates batteries when charging source is not present or discharging • Single side sensing design only monitors the voltage of the start battery • Ideal for auxiliary batteries that are AGM or larger than the start battery Solenoid • 9 siJnal will connect or disconnect rela\ without an\ tiPe dela\ Part # Description 7615 Automatic Timer Disconnect 0.97" 24.61mm 2.55" 64.77mm 3.31" 84.14mm 2.56" 65.09mm 4 MOUNTING HOLES FOR #8 OR M4 SCREWS 1.86" 47.12mm 3/8"-16 M10 STUD 0.90" 22.86mm 0.81" 20.45mm 3.89" 98.71mm 1.98" 50.29mm 3.50" 88.96mm Related Products MRBF Terminal Fuse Blocks page 70 /('s page 155 1oPinal 9oltaJe 9 '& Input 9oltaJe 5anJe Ȃ 9 Continuous Rating 120A InterPittent 5atinJ Pin 210A Amperage Operating Current (Combine) 175mA Amperage Operating Current (Open) 4mA Cable Size (to meet current ratings) 1 AWG (50mm²) Maximum Cable Size 1/0 AWG (50mm²) Terminal Stud Size 3/8"-16 (M10) Terminal Stud Torque in lb 1P Time Range 0inutes Ȃ +ours Regulatory &( ParNed 0eets I62 and 6$( - external ignition protection requirements IP67-protected against immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes (see inside back cover) IGNITION PROTECTED )or the fuOO Oist of specifications see paJe 55