BlueSea Systems 2023 Catalog BATTERY MANAGEMENT 42 Remote Battery Switches A Remote Battery Switch (RBS) is a 500A relay and remote control switch connected by small gauge single wire. High amperage switching is achieved with the relay mounted next to the batteries and controlled either manually by a switch on the remote battery switch or by the remote switch mounted in an accessible location. Read the TECH Tip, Solenoid vs Remote Battery Switch RBS Explained on page 39. The installed cost of a remote battery compared to manual battery switch may not be that different. The cost savings from eliminating long runs of expensive large gauge battery cables and replacing them with light gauge control wires can often offset the cost of a remote battery switch. Engine Engine House Battery Start Battery House Battery Start Battery 4 Position Selector Switch ML-Series Remote Battery Switches and Automatic Charging Relay Remote Battery Management with small control wire (5' of 4/0 AWG Cable) • Minimizes cable run and voltage drop • Maximizes power to engine • Reduces weight • Saves money Traditional Battery Switch (40' of 4/0 AWG Cable) • Long runs of large cable create voltage drop • Decreased power to engine • Increases weight • More expensive Mastervolt Lithium Ion Battery System Mastervolt utilizes Blue Sea Systems ML Remote Battery Switches (ML-RBS) on their Lithium Ion Battery systems. The advanced Lithium Ion Batteries have a built in Battery Management System (BMS) with active cell balancing. The ML-RBS is utilized for its rapid ability to disconnect the batteries under full load. At any time the Mastervolt BMS can trigger the ML-RBS to safely disconnect the batteries. Once the system is restored the ML-RBS can be re-connected for quick operation. The latching operation of the ML-RBS means that no amperage is consumed during an open or closed state, which further prolongs the available power in the Lithium Ion Batteries. The override knob allows the ML-RBS to be manually disconnected for safe servicing of the battery system. With a rating of 500A continuous, the ML-RBS pairs perfectly with all of the Mastervolt Lithium Ion Batteries. ML-Series Remote Battery Switch 7700 7702 Class T Fuse Block House Loads TECH TIP