2020 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

& SWITCHES CIRCUIT PROTECTION Best practices recommend every wire, except the engine starting circuit, have circuit protection. When excessive current flows in an electrical circuit, wire insulation can melt and possibly start a fire. Circuit breakers and fuses protect the wire in electrical circuits. Blue Sea Systems’ selection of circuit breakers, fuses, fuse holders, and fuse blocks offer a range of choices for main and branch circuit protection. To help in the selection process, Blue Sea Systems developed the Circuit Wizard to determine the correct size wire and fuse or circuit breaker for the application. Go to circuitwizard.bluesea.com to download the app. Fuses 52 Available in amperage ranges of .25A in the smallest glass fuse to 750A in a fuse intended to provide DC Main protection on large battery banks. Fuses Holders Fuse Blocks 62 Circuit Breaker Blocks 70 In-line fuse holders are compact and hold a single low-amperage fuse. Fuse blocks mount to a solid surface and may hold a single fuse or multiple fuses. Innovative block designed for Push-Button CLB Circuit Breakers with quick connect terminals. Easily snap circuit breakers into place. Common Source versions eliminate the need for a wiring harness. 56 ST-Blade Water-Resistant Fuse Block 58 Provides water-resistant circuit protection for ATO/ATC fuses & circuit breakers in a compact footprint. The single side nesting design allows for wire entry from one side to maximize space.