2020 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

bluesea.com 16 POWER CONVERSION & CONNECTION • Designed for emergency vehicle use • Drop in replacement for traditional rectangular displays • Automatically detects 1-3 battery banks • AC charge indication verifies that power is connected and the battery charger is charging • Plain language fault indication relays if there is a fault with the battery charger • Dip switch selectable screen configuration allows the display to show voltage bar graphs or the P12 Battery Charger summary screen • Displays voltage bar graphs even when AC power is not present • Optional standby mode shuts off screen after 4 hours of inactivity • Automatic ON based on motion with integrated knock sensor • Bright, daylight readable, OLED display Display Size 55mm x 28mm Display Type Yellow OLED Input Voltage 6V–36V DC, reverse polarity protected Amperage Draw Maximum 50 mA Minimum < 1 mA in Standby Mode Standby Mode Shuts off screen after 4 hours of inactivity. Will resume normal function upon movement of the vehicle or by tapping the unit several times in succession. Accuracy ± 1% at 36 Volts DC Number of Inputs 3 battery inputs with common reference Regulatory Monitor face is IP66 – protected against powerful water jets when installed according to instructions. PN Description Width in (mm) Height in (mm) Depth in (mm) 7517 EV Battery Charger Display 4.7 (119.25) 3.2 (80.5) 1.2 (29.7) P12 Battery Charger p. 15 5 YEAR WARRANTY EV Battery Charger Display Intuitive battery monitoring for emergency vehicle use PN Description Volts Width in (mm) Height in (mm) Depth in (mm) 7520 LED Remote 12V DC 4.15 (105.46) 3.01 (76.56) .95 (23.91) 1521 360 Panel 12V DC 4.88 (123.83) 4.75 (120.65) .95 (23.91) P12 Battery Charger LED Remote Indicates battery charger stage and alerts as well as controlling basic battery charger functions 7520 1521 LED Indicators • Quick check for green light confirms charging • Displays charging stage including PreFloat for each battery • Indicates when the charger is in equalization mode • Indicates charger’s internal fan mode • Displays the percentage of output current for each battery. Will also indicate maximum output setting when maximum output is adjusted to accommodate for AC source limitations. • Provides warning and alert status for quick diagnostics Four Control Buttons • Fan: User adjustable settings (OFF, LOW, or HIGH) • Dim/ Alarm: Provides adjustment to brightness of LEDs on display as well as Silence function for alarms. • Output: User adjustable charger output when AC source limitations exist that require lowering the AC current draw. • Standby: Places P12 Battery Charger into standby mode P12 Charger Summary Screen Related Products