2020 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

METERS M2 OLED Digital Measures essential electrical system parameters with adjustable alarms and an auto-dimming display. Digital Mini OLED Digital Monitors key AC and DC functions. Monitors key functions on a bright, waterproof, daylight readable screen. Electrical Monitors and Meters Knowing the state of the electrical system is critical to the safe operation of a boat or vehicle. Monitoring an electrical system can be broken down into two categories: 1. DC Monitoring Direct Current is typically derived from batteries, but can also be produced by converting AC Current to DC Current using a battery charger. DC values are typically measured in Volts, Amps and Amp-Hours (State-of-Charge). 2. AC Monitoring Alternating Current, known more typically as household current, can also be produced by converting DC current to AC current through the use of an inverter. Typically the values measured are Volts, Amps, Watts, and Frequency. 142 138 144 Vessel Systems Monitor Performs comprehensive monitoring of four systems in one compact meter. 140 Analog AC and DC Meters with backlighting for low light conditions. 136