BlueSea Systems 2023 Catalog CIRCUIT PROTECTION 87 Related Products Residual Current Circuit Breakers Equipment Circuit Interrupter (ELCI) Main Residual Current Devices (RCDs) respond to leakage of electrical current outside of the intended circuit path When the RCD function is combined with a circuit breaker for over current protection, the device is often referred to as an RCBO. In the USA, a device that trips on leakages of nominally 5mA and meets certain standards is called a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). A device meeting the same standards but with a trip level of 30mA is called an Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ELCI). The devices below provide ELCI Main functions and circuit protection in panel mounted breakers. • Trips on short circuit, overload, or leakage to ground • For installation in a power distribution panel • Provides overcurrent and leakage protection per ABYC E-11 for whole boat shore power protection 3103, 3091, 3092, 3093 3104 3106100 3102100 SMS Surface Mount System page 88 Residual Current Circuit Breaker ELCI Main Panels page 126 Interrupting Capacity 5,000A AC - UL 1077 U2 Temperature Operating -35°C to 66°C (-31°F to 150°F) Switching Cycles 10,000 @ rated amps and volts Type Magnetic Hydraulic – Trip free Mounting Screw #6-32 Stainless Steel (included) Mounting Screw Torque 6–8 in-lb Recommended Regulatory UL 1077, UL 943 Class A, UL 1500 AC GFCI Dual Outlets page 152, 153 Part # Description Frame Series Nominal Voltage Actuator Poles AC Main Amps Leakage Trip Amps 3102100 ELCI Main A-Series 120V AC per pole Flat Rocker 2 30A 30mA 3103 ELCI Main C-Series 120V AC per pole Flat Rocker 2 50A 30mA 3104 ELCI Main C-Series 120/240V AC per pole Flat Rocker 3 50A 30mA 3106100 ELCI Main A-Series 120V AC per pole White Toggle 2 30A 30mA 3091 ELCI Main C-Series 230V AC per pole* Flat Rocker 2 16A 30mA 3092 ELCI Main C-Series 230V AC per pole* Flat Rocker 2 32A 30mA 3093 ELCI Main C-Series 240V AC per pole† Flat Rocker 2 50A 30mA * 230V AC, Typical of Europe † 240V AC, For isolation transformer applications IGNITION PROTECTED