2022 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

bluesea.com CIRCUIT PROTECTION 76 ST-CLB Circuit Breaker Blocks Compact surface mount solution providing secure screw termination where Push Button Reset-Only CLB Circuit Breakers are desired • &lear insulatinJ coYer with sTuare IorPat label recesses satisfies $%<& 86&* insulation reTuirePents • 4uicN connect clips allow circuit breaNers to snap easil\ into place • 7in plated copper busses and screw terPinals • Breakouts allow wire access in two directions • Accepts ring terminals • 2ptional push button waterprooI boots or dress nuts can be installed oYer coYer • Accepts square labels • Optional jumper 5049, for use with 5050 and 5051 • &ircuit breaNers sold separatel\ p 77 Part # Positions Negative Bus Source [A] Mounting Centers in (mm) [B] Mounting Centers in (mm) [C] Height in (mm) 5050 6 –– Independent 5051 12 –– Independent 5052 6 stud Common 5054 12 stud Common 5049 67 &/% %locN -uPper per pacN Related Products 67 &/% &ircuit %reaNer %locN -uPper see table CLB Circuit Breaker Boots page 77 3ush %utton 5eset 2nl\ CLB Circuit Breakers page 77 5052 5050 [ C ] [ A ] [ B ] 2.79 (70.8mm) 24-Hour Circuits Switched Circuits Switch Busbar To Load Positive Three Switched Circuits, Three 24-Hour Circuits Two ST-CLB Terminal Block Jumpers allow three switched circuits Fuse Fuse Fish Finder GPS Stereo Clock Alarm Bilge Pump Six Switched or Six 24-Hour Circuits Fuse Add an optional switch for non-24-hour circuits. To Load Positive From Load Negative bluesea.com/video Voltage Max. Operating 32V DC Amperage Max. Operating $ per circuit Amperage Max. Operating $ per blocN coPPon source Amperage Max. Operating $ per MuPped circuit Jroup independent source 7ePp 2peratinJ 5anJe r& to r& %reaNer 7\pe 3ush %utton 5eset 2nl\ &ircuit %reaNer with Quick Connect Terminals 6crew 7erPinal 6crews with &aptiYe 6tar /ocN :asher 5inJ 7erPinals 6crew 7erPinals 0 1eJatiYe %us 0 Mounting 6crew 0 or 1ut