BlueSea Systems 2023 Catalog CIRCUIT PROTECTION 63 Nylon insulated ring terminals ST-Blade Battery Terminal Mount Fuse Block Easily add 4 fused circuits to the terminal of a battery to provide power to new accessories • Mounts on the battery terminal stud • Screw terminals for securing wires • Nylon insulated ring terminals included for each screw terminal • Insulating cover meets ABYC/USCG insulation requirements • Ignition protected - for use in a gasoline engine compartment • Includes four 16-14 AWG and four 12-10 AWG Nylon insulated ring terminals • Includes four write-on circuit labels • Small format standard and custom labels available • Fuses sold separately (p. 57) .79" (20mm) Ø .40" (10.1mm) Clearance for Ø3/8" (M10) Terminal Stud Ø .75" (19.1mm) 1.16" (29.5mm) 2.23" (56.7mm) 3.59" (91.3mm) 1.73" (43.8mm) .10" (2.5mm) .24" (6.1mm) .37" (9.4mm) 4x #8-32 Screw Terminals 1.28" (32.5mm) .84" (21.3mm) For the full list of specifications see page 73 2340 BusBars page 105 1.54" (39.2mm) 1.84" (46.7mm) 4 qty. 8–32 screw terminals .50" (12.7mm) .63" (15.9mm) 2.85" (72.3mm) 2.35" (59.6mm) 1.0" (25.4mm) Ø.4" (10.1mm) clearance for Ø3/8" (M10) 5023 5024 • Includes a 4-circuit negative busbar see page 105 5023 Installed 5024 Installed Part # Description 5023 ST-Blade Battery Terminal Mount Fuse Block 5024 ST-Blade Battery Terminal Mount Fuse Block Kit Voltage Max. Operating 32V DC Amperage Max. Operating 100A per block / 30A per circuit Fuse Type ATO or ATC Fuses Bus Material Tin-Plated Copper C11000 Mounting Thru-hole Clearance for 3/8" [M10] stud Screw Terminal #8-32 Screws with captive star lock washer Regulatory Meets ISO 8846 and SAE J1171 external ignition protection requirements Related Products ATO, ATC & EasyID Fuses page 57 IGNITION PROTECTED