2022 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

bluesea.com CIRCUIT PROTECTION 63 • &an be used Ior hour circuits • 6crew terPinals Ior securinJ wires • InteJrated Iuse eMector leYers • &lear insulatinJ coYer satisfies $%<& 86&* insulation reTuirePents accepts Large Format Labels (p. 156 and proYides storaJe Ior spare fuses • 7in plated phosphor bron]e Iuse clips are encapsulated and cannot be sprung • 2ne piece stainless ȵanJe nuts ensure saIe and secure connections • )uses sold separatel\ p 58 3.500" 88.90mm 1.250" 31.75mm 2.500" 63.50mm 5.000" 127.50mm ST-Glass Fuse Blocks ΖnnoYatiYe desiJn aOOoZs for OaEeOinJ spare fuse storaJe and eas\ fuse rePoYaO Part # Circuits Tin-plated copper negative bus 5015 6 stud 5018 6 5015 Related Products AGC Fuses page 58 MDL Fuses page 58 Related Products MAXI Fuses page 59 MAXI ® Fuse Block Ignition protected fuse block allows for installation in a gasoline engine compartment NOTE: 5006100 replaces 5006 )or the fuOO Oist of specifications see paJe 75 )or the fuOO Oist of specifications see paJe 75 • 6nap on terPinal coYer insulates all conductiYe parts satisI\inJ $%<& 86&* reTuirePents • &oYer breaNouts allow wires IroP sides or bottoP • Terminal screws compress fuse blades within blocks for low resistance connections • Label recess accepts large format label (p. 156 • )uses sold separatel\ p 59 2.1" 52mm 2.8" 71mm 1.5" 37mm Voltage Max. Operating 32V DC Amperage Max. Operating 80A :ire 6i]e Ȃ $:* MAXI ® )uses aYailable 30A–80A 6crew 7erPinal 7orTue in lb Mounting 6crews Regulatory &( ParNed 0eets I62 and 6$( - e[ternal iJnition protection requirements when coYer is securel\ latched and all mounting screws are installed. Voltage Max. Operating 32V DC Amperage Max. Operating 30A per circuit Amperage Max. Operating 100A per block )use 7\pe AGC or MDL Fuses 6crew 7erPinal with captiYe star locN washer Mounting 6crew 0 IGNITION PROTECTED Part # Description 5006100 MAXI Fuse Block