BlueSea Systems 2023 Catalog

INTRODUCTION 6 The diagram above is intended for reference only. Consult an electrical professional for system design and circuit protection. MRBF Terminal Fuse Block 5191 (p. 68) ST-Blade Split Bus Fuse Block 5032 (p. 65) Switched Circuits 24-Hour Circuits Mini OLED Temp Meter 1741200 (p. 145) Mini OLED Tank Meter 1739200 (p. 145) SHORE POWER AC SOURCE ENGINE HOUSE DC SOURCES M2 OLED SoC Monitor 1830 (p. 142) BatteryLink® Charger 7605 (p.22) 285 Series Circuit Breaker 7187 (p. 78) m-Series Battery Switch 6011 (p. 30) ENGINE Safety Fuse Block 7720 (p. 70) Trailerable Boat System 2 Battery Bank, 1 Engine AC Current DC Current