BlueSea Systems 2023 Catalog BATTERY MANAGEMENT 49 Mini Add-A-Battery Plus Kits A complete small boat battery management system. Charge two batteries at or away from the dock • For alternators up to 65A • Includes an m-Series Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch 6011 (p. 30) and a BatteryLink® Charger (p. 22) m-Series Dual Circuit Plus Battery Switch • Switches two battery banks simultaneously while maintaining battery bank isolation • Can combine two battery banks in the event of a low start battery • IP66 - protected against powerful water jets (see inside back cover) BatteryLink Charger • Integrated ACR provides DC charging from engine alternator • AC plug-in while at the dock • Battery temperature compensation prolongs battery life • Includes a remote LED indicator • Start isolation protects sensitive electronics • IP67 - protected against immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes (see inside back cover) Part # Description Plug Style 7655 Mini Add-A-Battery Plus Kit North American: NEMA 5-15P 7654 Mini Add-A-Battery Plus Kit European: CEE 7/7 7653 Mini Add-A-Battery Plus Kit Bare wire 7655 BatteryLink Chargers page 22 m-Series Battery Switch page 30 For the AC & DC Battery Charging Explained TECH Tip see page 22 Add-A-Battery Kits Explained Avoid the inconvenience and cost of a tow by adding a second battery to your electrical system. The Add-A-Battery Kits include a Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch and an Automatic Charging Relay. These components simplify switching and automate charging. Simply turn the battery switch ON when you arrive and OFF when you leave. Adding a second battery prevents getting stranded with a dead battery by isolating the Start battery from the House loads that can quickly discharge a battery. The Add-A-Battery Kits offer a simple way to control switching with the Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch and automatically shares a single source of charging between two batteries with the Automatic Charging Relay. The diagrams above illustrate how the 7650 and 7649 Add-A-Battery Kits work and are intended for reference only. Consult an ABYC certified marine electrical professional for system design and circuit protection. Engine On ACR combines batteries sharing the charge with House battery Engine Off ACR isolates batteries when discharging and when starting engine DC Current House House Engine Start 12.75V or lower 13.0V or higher House Engine Start House TECH TIP IGNITION PROTECTED Related Products