BlueSea Systems 2023 Catalog BATTERY MANAGEMENT 45 7622 500A 700A Selection Chart PRESET ACR SETTINGS Combine Voltage - Charge present and loads do not exceed charge input - Voltage of either battery is ≥13.0V for 2 min. - Relay will close, combining batteries - Combined batteries share charge PRODUCT FEATURES Manual Override Manual override knob provides an added level of safely allowing manual control of ON-OFF 7601 7611 7610 7620 ACR Start Auxiliary ACR Start Auxiliary ≤12.75V for 30 sec. ≤12.75V for 30 sec. ACR Start Auxiliary ≥13.0V for 2 min. ≤9.5V ACR Start Auxiliary ≤12.25V for 30 sec. ≤12.25V for 30 sec. 1. Select an ACR that has a Continuous rating above the maximum alternator output rating and an Intermittent rating that is above the largest load on the auxiliary battery. 2. Review the PRESET ACR SETTINGS 3. Select the ACR with the desired PRODUCT FEATURES 65A 120A 120A 500A ACR ≥13.0V for 2 min. Start Auxiliary ≥13.0V for 2 min. Open Voltage - No charge present or loads exceed charge input - Combine voltage is ≤12.75V for 30 sec. - Relay will open, isolating batteries - Isolated batteries do not share charge Under Voltage Lockout - Charge may or may not be present - Voltage of either battery is ≤9.5V (ML-ACR 9.6V) - Relay will not close even with charge on other battery, protecting ACR and wiring from high surge current - Isolated batteries do not share charge Auxiliary Battery Priority (optional) Condition: Engine running - Open voltage is lowered to 12.25V from 12.75V - Relay remains closed longer, combining batteries, to allow use of auxiliary loads for a longer period of time Start Isolation (optional) Condition: Engine starting - Relay is open, isolating batteries - Batteries are isolated to protect sensitive electronics from voltage sags and spikes Start Assist Condition: Engine starting – (Press Contura Switch) - Relay is closed, combining batteries - Batteries are combined to share power in the event of a low start battery Engine Isolation Condition: Two engines are running - One relay is open and one relay is closed - Engine 1 Start and Engine 2 Start batteries are isolated to protect engine electronics - If requested by engine manufacturer Part # Continuous Intermittent 115A 210A 210A 700A ACR Start Auxiliary ACR ACR Eng. 1 Start Auxiliary Eng. 2 Start Choose the right Automatic Charging Relay for your application