BlueSea Systems 2023 Catalog BATTERY MANAGEMENT 39 L-Series Solenoid Switches 150A or 250A switches are remotely activated using a low amp switch and smaller gauge wire • Continuous duty, SPST - Normally Open • Hermetically sealed contacts • Activated by a remote ON–OFF switch 8230 - sold separately (p. 92) • Coil control circuit minimizes heating and amperage draw ON-OFF Switch 8230 page 92 For the full list of specifications see page 52 Wire Size Cranking 30 sec. Intermittent 5 min. Continuous 1/0 AWG 1000A 275A 250A 2/0 AWG (70 mm²) 1000A 400A 300A 9012 Wire Size and Current Ratings (50°C Ambient) Part # 7765 9012 Description 150A L-Series Solenoid Switch 250A L-Series Solenoid Switch Operating Temperature –40°C to +85°C –55°C to +85°C Coil Circuit Connection 22 AWG Tinned Wire 20 AWG Tinned Wire Voltage Nominal 12/24V DC 12/24V DC Coil Function Normally Open Normally Open Operating Current Changing State 3.8A 3.6A Operating Current Continuous 0.13A @ 12V, 0.07A @ 24V 0.13A @ 12V, 0.07A @ 24V Voltage Input 9V-36V DC 9V-36V DC Terminal Studs M8 (accepts 5/16" terminals) M8 (accepts 5/16" terminals) Terminal Stud Torque 90 in-lb (10 Nm) max. 90 in-lb (10 Nm) max. Mounting Screws #10 or M5 #10 or M5 Mounting Screw Torque 15-30 in-lb (1.7-3.4 Nm) 15-35 in-lb (1.7-4 Nm) Weight 0.95 lb (0.43 kg) 0.9 lb (0.41 kg) Contact Rating Continuous Rating 150A* 250A** Intermittent Rating (5 min.) 225A* 275A** Cranking Rating (30 sec.) 600A* 1000A** Voltage Maximum 320V DC 800V DC 7765 9012 Solenoid vs Remote Battery Switch Solenoid: An electronic switch with no manual control, for circuits where a manual battery disconnect is offered elsewhere in the circuit. Remote Battery Switch: A solenoid or relay with a manual control switch allowing for switching if control circuit is compromised and for service lockout. TECH TIP + To loads Source Red Wire Black Wire -A2 +A1 BusBar -A2 +A1 2.69" (68.3mm) *2 AWG Cable in 50°C ambient **1/0 AWG Cable in 50°C ambient IGNITION PROTECTED Regulatory CE marked, IP67-protected against immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes (see inside back cover) Ignition protected - ISO 8846 and SAE J1171. 9012 ONLY - UL Certified - UL 508 Industrial Control Equipment Related Product