2022 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

bluesea.com POWER CONVERSION 29 DeckHand ™ Dimmers Digitally controls dimming of non-regulated LED, incandescent, and halogen lights • IlluPinated e[it with adMustable tiPe dela\ • 6upports Pultiple switch locations • 0ePor\ Ior last diPPer settinJ • %ulb saYer preYents bulb aJinJ while batteries are beinJ charJed • 3roYides continuous YoltaJe control IroP to oI input YoltaJe • 2΍set PountinJ tabs allow diPPers to be Pounted close toJether • 5etail pacNaJe includes PoPentar\ 63'7 21 2)) 21 switch p Part # Amps 9oOts Operating Range Width in (mm) Height in (mm) Depth in (mm) 7506 $ 9 '& 9Ȃ 9 7504 $ 9 '& 9Ȃ 9 7507 $ 9 '& 9Ȃ 9 7509 $ 9 '& 9Ȃ 9 7508 $ 9 '& 9Ȃ 9 7508 1.79" (45.5 mm) Mounting holes for #8 or M4 hardware 2.86" (68.0 mm) 3.47" (88.1 mm) 11.0" ± .25" (279.4 mm ± 6.4 mm) 3.23" (82.0 mm) 1.30" (33.0 mm) Example of nested DeckHand Dimmers 0a[iPuP 3arasitic &urrent P$ 7ePperature 5atinJ r& to r& Regulatory &( ParNed 0eets I62 and 6$( - e[ternal iJnition protection reTuirePents Down Input (gray) +V DC (red) Up Input (white) Ground (black) Ground (black) Lamp (blue) Brightness Control (ON)-OFF-(ON) Switch Negative Bus Bar Ground (black) Up Position for Bright Down Position for Dim ( ) =momentary Optional Light Switch Fuse Illuminated Exit 7he illuPinated e[it Ieature allows boaters to saIel\ disePbarN beIore the liJhts autoPaticall\ turn o΍ 8sinJ the illuPinated e[it Ieature One minute delay: +old the switch in up position Ior seconds liJhts will ȵash 5elease switch aIter first ȵash and the liJhts will rePain on Ior Pinute 7wo to ȴYe minute delay +old the switch in up position Ior Ȃ seconds aIter the first ȵash 5elease the switch aIter to ȵashes 7he liJhts will rePain on Ior Pinute Ior each ȵash up to a Pa[iPuP oI Pinutes TECH TIP Note: Do not use with regulated LED bulbs. IGNITION PROTECTED