2022 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

bluesea.com POWER CONVERSION 27 360 Panels Integrates DC Socket and Dual USB Chargers with 360 Panel System 1472 1478 Part # Description Width in (mm) Height in (mm) Depth in (mm) 1472 ™ 1478 ™ ™ 48V Dual USB 4A Chargers ΖnteOOiJent deYice recoJnition Pa[iPizes charJe rate for phones, tablets, or other mobile devices 12V Socket and Plugs Designed to withstand the rigors of wet environments and constant vibration • &orrosion resistant Paterials • 7wist locN s\steP pluJ locNs securel\ into socNet • Internal strain relief and cord seal • current carr\inJ coPponents are nicNel plated copper allo\ • 3luJ has a sealinJ rinJ to Neep out spra\ and PaNe it seat firPl\ in the socNet • 6ocNet Ieatures a protectiYe dust cap that Neeps debris and Poisture out • and heaY\ dut\ JauJe wire • cord reaches up to Ieet 1013 1012 Part # Description Dust Cap 1010 3luJ ȂȂ 1011 %lacN 6ocNet <es 1011200 :hite 6ocNet <es 1012 6inJle 3luJ with 6inJle 6ocNet ([tension <es 1013 6inJle 3luJ with 'ual 6ocNet ([tensions <es 1014 0ountinJ %racNet Ior 6ocNets ȂȂ 1015 3luJ and 6ocNet 6et Includes and <es 1010 1014 1011 1011200 • Ideal Ior JolI carts and other 9 s\stePs • 6prinJ hinJed coYer Neeps debris and Poisture out • &harJes at the speed reTuired b\ specific deYices • Internal filterinJ Ior reduced electronic interIerence • 2Yer tePperature protection • &onIorPal coated circuit board Ior the harsh Parine enYironPent • 0ounts in an e[istinJ contura switch aperture • 0ounts in a coPPon hole Part # Description 1038 6witch 0ount &harJer 1046 6ocNet 0ount &harJer 1038 1046 Part # Description 1035 6prinJ hinJed coYer Ior 1036 6prinJ hinJed coYer Ior 0a[iPuP 2utput &urrent $ '& total Input 9oltaJe 5anJe 9Ȃ 9 '& 2utput 9oltaJe 9 '& s 3ort &onfiJuration IntelliJent 'eYice 5ecoJnition 3arasitic &urrent 'raw P$ 7herPal 2Yerload 3rotection <es 6hort &ircuit 3rotection <es 5eYerse 3olarit\ 3rotection <es 86% 7\pe $ &utout 'iPensions ™ ™ PP PP diaPeter Regulatory 5o+6 &( certified 9oltaJe 1oPinal 9 '& $PperaJe 0a[ 2peratinJ $ '& socNet $PperaJe 0a[ 2peratinJ $ '& pluJ 6ocNet &utout 'iPensions PP diaPeter