BlueSea Systems 2023 Catalog POWER CONVERSION 18 TECH TIP Charge Coordination A boat’s batteries typically spend less than 2% of their time being charged by the alternator. For the remaining 98% of the time they are being maintained by the AC battery charger. During this time, it is important that the proper charging stage of Bulk, Absorption, PreFloat, or Float be applied to each battery. UNDERWAY When engine is running and alternator is charging batteries, ACRs combine batteries, providing charge to each battery from the engine. AT THE DOCK When P12 Battery Charger is operating, communication with ACRs isolates batteries so the proper charge is applied to each battery. P12 Four Stage Battery Charging 1. Bulk charges batteries to 75-80% of full charge. 2. Absorption slowly completes remaining charge. 3. PreFloat™ moves each battery individually from Absorption to PreFloat, based on the need of each battery. This prevents overcharging and damage to the batteries. Up to 0.5V difference between Absorption and PreFloat voltages can be achieved. 4. Float maintains battery charge. Battery Equalization Mode: User selected battery equalizing provides advanced battery conditioning, revitalizing wet acid batteries. OTHER BATTERY CHARGERS Conventional battery chargers move all batteries from Absorption to the Float stage simultaneously with no ability to adjust for individual battery requirements. Forced Absorption: A period when batteries are potentially over charged. 14.5V 14.0V T I M E Absorption Absorption Absorption PreFloat Bulk 13.5V Battery 1 Battery 2 Battery 3 PreFloat Float Example of Flooded Lead Acid Battery 14.5V T I M E Absorption Bulk 13.5V Battery 1 Battery 2 Battery 3 Float Example of Flooded Lead Acid Battery Absorption Absorption Forced Absorption Forced Absorption Air Brake Compressors Automatically maintains air brake system at ready status, because lives depend on it • Designed for emergency vehicle use • Automatically turns ON at 95 PSI and OFF at 125 PSI • Industrial grade compressor provides reliable, long term operation • Easy installation, no mounting plate required • Integrated vibration damping mounts • Serviceable air filter and water separator filter • Works in conjunction with engine driven compressor • Integrated auto drain to protect your air system Part # Description 7920 Horizontal Mount Air Brake Compressor 7921 Vertical Mount Air Brake Compressor 7910 Air Filter Assembly - complete 7911 Replacement Air Filter Elements 7912 Replacement Water Separator Filter 7920 Air Outlet Unscrew to replace Air Filter Unscrew to replace Water Separator Filter 1YEAR WARRANTY Nominal Voltage 12V DC Motor Type Permanent Magnet Factory ON-OFF PSI Threshold ON: 95 PSI, OFF: 125 PSI Maximum Amp Draw 11A Operating Temperature Range 4.4°C to 65°C (40°F to 150°F) Air Outlet Female 1/4" NPT BATTERY 2 BATTERY 1 BATTERY 3 AC SHORE POWER AC SHORE POWER BATTERY 2 BATTERY 1 BATTERY 3