2022 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

bluesea.com APPENDIX 163 3. Choose the Fuse Holder a 8sinJ the fuse t\pe chosen froP the )use 6eOection &hart foOOoZ the coOuPn doZn to find fuse hoOders or fuse EOocks that Peet \our specific reTuirePents b) Consider environmental factors: Ignition protection is reTuired where ȵaPPable Yapors Pa\ accuPulate Example: Engine room and propane locker &onsult $Perican %oat and <acht &ouncil $%<& ( Ior IJnition 3rotection Ingress protection protects Iuses IroP spra\ washdown and huPidit\ I3 protected aJainst pow erful water jets c) Decide between an in-line fuse holder or a fuse block: - In-line fuse holders are compact and hold a single low-amperage fuse - Fuse blocks mount to a solid surface and may hold a single fuse or multiple fuses Additional replacement fuses available from Blue Sea Systems: 20A 1A to 10A 5A to 30A MAXI Fuse Block ST Glass Fuse Blocks 5015 5018 Crimpable In-Line Fuse Holder 5060 Waterproof In-Line Fuse Holders 5061 5062 Heavy Duty In-Line Fuse Holder 5063 5006100 SafetyHub Fuse Blocks AMI or MIDI Safety Fuse Block 7720 Terminal MRBF Fuse Blocks 5191 2151 MEGA or AMG Fuse Block 7721 CLASS-T Fuse Block CLASS-T Fuse Block 5502 ANL Fuse Blocks 5005 5503 7748 LEGEND Ingress protection Ignition protection 5001 MEGA or AMG Safety Fuse Block 5068 5064 5065 MAXI In-Line Fuse Holder ST-Blade Fuse Blocks Battery Terminal Mount 5023 7725 5025 5026 5028 5029 Common Independent 5035 5032 Split Bus Compact Fuse Block Water-Resistant 5045 5046 5007100 5502100 5194 5196 110A to 200A 225A to 400A SafetyHub Fuse Blocks 7748 7725 5056100 ATO or ATC In-Line Fuse Holders FUSE HOLDER SELECTION CHART © Copyright 2022 Blue Sea systems Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying or reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.