BlueSea Systems 2023 Catalog METERING 144 1811 1810 Voltage Current Amp Hours Hi/Lo Alarms Voltage Current Frequency Hi/Lo Alarms Run Time Cycles Hi/Lo Alarms Levels Hi/Lo Alarms 2 Tanks Bilge AC DC Part # Description 1850 M2 VSM System Inputs Functions DC 2 DC Voltage Battery 1, State-of-Charge, & Current DC Voltage Battery 2 AC 1 AC Voltage, Current, & Frequency Auxiliary 2 Auxiliary 1: Tank or Bilge Auxiliary 2: Tank or Bilge Connection Table 5YEAR WARRANTY Part # Description 1810 32" Diesel, Water, Waste tank sender 1811 24" Gasoline tank sender Ultrasonic Tank Senders Ultrasonic technology used to measure volume M2 OLED Vessel Systems Monitor (M2 VSM) Performs comprehensive monitoring of four critical systems in one compact organic LED digital monitor DC System Monitoring (up to two batteries) One input monitors the DC voltage, state-of-charge, current for one battery bank and another input monitors the voltage of an additional battery bank. Alarms include high and low voltage, high current, and low battery. AC System Monitoring The VSM monitors a single AC voltage, current, and frequency. Alarms include high and low voltage, high current, and high and low frequency. Bilge & Tank Monitoring The M2 VSM has two inputs that can be configured as a bilge or tank monitor. When configured as a bilge input, monitoring functions include pump active, cycle count in the last 24-hours, average cycles in a typical 24-hour period, and total cycles. High alarms can be set for both the minutes of run time in the last hour as well as the number or cycle counts in the last 24-hours. When configured as a tank input, tank status can be represented in both capacity (gallons or liters) or as a percentage of capacity. Custom tank shapes can be auto-calibrated or programmed. Both high and low level alarms can be set for all tanks. 1850 Retail Packaging Includes: head unit, display cover, surface mount bezel, surface mount gasket, DC Current Shunt 8255, AC Current Transformer 8256, connectors, mounting screws and screw driver. Tank Senders Supported: 10–180 Ω VDO 240–33 Ω Teleflex Blue Sea Systems Ultrasonic Tank Senders (sold separately) • For diesel, water, or waste 1810 (32" tank depth) • For gasoline 1811 (24" tank depth) State-of-Charge Battery State-of-Charge (SoC) Knowing the State-of-Charge of your battery is like knowing the amount of fuel in your gas tank. To avoid getting stranded with a dead battery, accurate battery bank monitoring is essential. Voltmeter Method—Voltage can be used to measure the SoC of your battery. The difference from a fully charged battery to a fully discharged battery is only 1.0V in a 12V system, so the meter must have good resolution and accuracy. This method is generally sufficient to monitor batteries which experience intermittent use, such as starter or thruster batteries. However, a battery must not have been charged or discharged for over 12 hours for this measurement to be trustworthy. This makes the Voltmeter Method unsuitable for monitoring house batteries which charge and discharge often. Amp-Hour Method—A convenient and accurate way to measure SoC is with an Amp-Hour Monitor. This is a complex calculation of the energy available, energy consumed, and energy returned to the battery during charging. SoC is commonly expressed as a percent of amp-hours remaining until the battery is empty, but can also be expressed as amp-hours used, amp-hours remaining, or time remaining. The advantage of this method is that it works well for batteries in a constant state of charge and discharge. TECH TIP See page 142 for specifications