BlueSea Systems 2023 Catalog POWER DISTRIBUTION 135 AC Flat Rocker Circuit Breaker (p. 83) 285 Series Circuit Breaker (p. 78) Push Button Circuit Breaker (p. 75) Digital Meter (p. 146) Mastervolt Smart Remote Push Button Circuit Breaker with Rocker Switch (p. 75, 94) 120V AC Dual GFCI Outlet (p. 152) Rotary Switch Source Selection (p. 128) Analog Meter (p. 140) Bilge Pump Socket, Dual USB Charger (p. 24, 25) 120V AC Dual Outlet (p. 152) Blank / Custom BusBar Module P12 Battery Charger Display (p. 20) European RCBO Mount M2 OLED Meter (p. 142) COTS Circuit Breaker (p. 80) DC Flat Rocker Circuit Breaker (p. 83) Residual Current Circuit Breaker (p.87) Circuit Breaker Source Selection 120V AC Dual Outlet Blank 2 Inch Gauge Blank (p. 149) DC Accessories (p. 24, 25, 145) Not all 360 Panel modules or configurations are shown, reference the Blue Sea Systems Panel Wizard at