2022 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

bluesea.com POWER DISTRIBUTION 118 Innovative Design Meets a Wide Range of Flexibility The 360 Panel System uses an open frame to mount a broad selection of modules allowing multiple functions to be coPbined in a sinJle panel 7his innoYatiYe desiJn o΍ers a wide choice of panel features, accommodates future changes, and permits rapid assembly and shipping time. With options ranging from battery management to source selection, the 3anel 6\steP proYides unPatched desiJn ȵe[ibilit\ II \ou do not find the panel \ou are looNinJ Ior in the stocN panel o΍erinJ please Jo to paJe to find out how to create and order a custom panel that will work for your specific application 360 Panel System 2pen fraPe aOOoZs future repOacePent or upJrade of paneO PoduOes Tartan Yachts uses Blue Sea Systems 360 Panels aboard their boats 5eOated 3roducts Push Button Reset-Only Circuit Breaker page 77 Push Button Circuit Breaker Boot page 77 A-Series Rocker Circuit Breakers page 85 ELCI Main Circuit Breakers page 89 Digital Meters page 148 Analog Meters page 142 360 Panel Insulating Back Cover page 154 Square Format Labels page 156