2022 Blue Sea Systems Catalog

bluesea.com POWER DISTRIBUTION 114 Waterproof & Water-Resistant Panels ΖnteJrated oYercurrent protection and sZitchinJ EuiOt to Zithstand harsh enYironPents for eYer\ appOication Water-Resistant Circuit Breaker Switch Panels 'esiJned for :et (nYironPents Ζ3 (See inside back cover) Water-Resistant Circuit Breaker Switch Panels utilize 15A illuminated circuit breakers that provide on indication and switching in one. Integrated switch boot and panel gasket provide IP66 water resistance for wet environments. Available in gray and camo pattern. WeatherDeck® Waterproof Panels 'esiJned )or ([trePe (nYironPents Ζ3 (See inside back cover) The WeatherDeck Panels are Blue Sea Systems most waterproof panels and their contemporary appearance adds style to any boat. Available in switch only, fuse, and circuit breaker models, the WeatherDeck Panels can be mounted in four orientations for maximum versatility. Contura Switch Water-Resistant Panels &ontePporar\ 'esiJn )or :et (nYironPents Ζ3 (See inside back cover) Using industry standard Contura switches, the Blue Sea Systems Contura Switch Water Resistant Panels are designed to perform above deck, as well as complement any interior. Fuse models are available in a classic gray finish and circuit breaNer Podels are aYailable in white or blacN